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Bathroom Installation Step by Step
A bathroom that has been installed with a little forethought throughout the installation process will reap rewards for the end user and overcome a lot of the pitfalls that can lead to a shoddy installation...
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Selecting the Right Shower Fittings
At PuraVida Bathrooms we are here to help you select the right shower fittings for your property.

The first consideration when selecting shower fittings should be “how much water pressure do I have available?”. There is no point installing a 12” rain shower head if you have a low pressure gravity system, it simply won’t work...Read full article >
Bath Taps, Fillers & Wastes
There are so many ways to fill a bath with water.

Of course the tried and tested method of a pair of pillar taps with a plug on a chain is still available and is perhaps ideally suited to a traditional bath or roll top bath. These can incorporate a hand shower as a complete assembly.
There are mixer taps available so you can reduce the number of fitted items to a minimum...Read full article >
Domestic Water Systems
When designing your bathroom and specifying products it is vitally important that the type of water system installed in your property is taken into consideration.

If the system is going to be upgraded, after the bathroom has been installed, it also important to ensure that chosen products are suitable for the new system...Read full article >
Bathroom Recesses and Alcoves
Storage in a bathroom is often at a premium. Smaller basin units do not offer a great deal of space and when it is time to take a bath or shower where do the bottles stand so that they are easily to hand. Narrow bath rims with taps mounted on them do not provide much space and unless you have wire baskets in the shower the shampoo and conditioner bottles end up standing on the shower tray.

Recesses and alcoves are a clever way to overcome these issues and vastly improve the showering or bathing experience...Read full article >